About us

La Pupusa Factory is a new concept of trading pupusas typical of El Salvador, at a culinary level with the demands of the health department of each country. Our products are elaborated with a highly hygienic and first quality process. 

about us



La Pupusa Factory is a restaurant with a wide variety of traditional Salvadoran dishes, Central American and a touch of Mexican and Spanish food. For this concept our logo starts with a capital L and a capital A that means Latin American Pupusa Factory. American because it was created in Miami in the state of Florida in the USA. Factory because we have created an infinity of fillings, sizes and colors in our pupusas also when you see live the production of pupusas is a real factory as they say the acronym in English,(FACTORY).

One of the objectives of LA Pupusa Factory is to teach our customers how to delight a pupusa as an appetizer and then a delicious soup followed by a main course of meat, chicken or seafood.