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La Pupusa Factory is a new concept of trading pupusas typical of El Salvador

At a culinary level with the demands of the health department of each country. Our products are elaborated with a highly hygienic and first quality process. 


Open from |8AM - 11PM


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Our Menu

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

La Pupusa Factory is a restaurant with a wide variety of traditional Salvadoran dishes, Central American and a touch of Mexican and Spanish food.

Fish Fillet with Shrimp

Grilled or in garlic sauce filet



A Variety of Meat and Chicken Soups from


Roast meat

Grilled Flap meat steaks


Tablazo de Carne

Roast Beef, Vegetables, Homemade Sauces and Rice


Love triangle

Shrimp Ceviche and Black Shell Cocktail


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Hacemos Entregas a Domicilio Viernes, Sabado y Domingo de 11:30pm a 9:00 pm
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